Company Overview

Wisdom Starry (beijing)Technology Co., Ltd 

WISDOM STARRY was established in 2019, and is located in Beijing. It is a high-tech start-up company. The founding team members all have more than 15 years of experience in product development such as small base stations and microwaves. With business expansion, the company continues to absorb new forces in the artificial intelligence and edge computing industries. While they bring new technologies, they also bring vitality to the company and gradually grow into the backbone of the company.

The current business scope of the company is mainly to provide customers with artificial intelligence and automation hardware solutions and technical services. Driven by market demand, guided by new technologies, and based on its own unique technical reserves, we provide customers with a series of solutions from R&D, manufacturing, and after-sales. Specifically, through microwave technology, visual intelligence, multi-sensor fusion, etc., it has successfully helped customers accelerate project innovation in the fields of safety, environmental protection, education, medical treatment, industrial inspection and automation.

In the vigorous tide of artificial intelligence, WISDOM STARRY is still as always, adhering to the original aspiration, pursuing the spirit of craftsmanship, continuously polishing products, optimizing solutions, and providing customers with better products and services. The company will continue to innovate and work hard to enable new technologies to empower the industry and contribute youth and strength to the realization of the Chinese dream.

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地址:203, block a, No. 1, Xingguang 4th Street, guangelectromechanical, Tongzhou District, Beijing